Jobs in UK Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

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The upstream oil and gas industry in the United Kingdom has a thriving apprenticeship
program which lets young technicians join and get the training which is necessary for
working this vigorous job. Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO)
is the national industry which has made it its goal to ensure that the UK has a trained
workforce which can handle the UK’s demand for oil and gas.

Working in the upstream oil and gas industry is not a job for everyone. The on the job
demands are intense – both physically and mentally. The monetary rewards for these
jobs is very substantial. However, it isn’t just the monetary rewards which draw young
technicians to offshore drilling and jobs in the upstream oil and gas industry. The actual
work is exhilarating. You will learn to deal with problems as they happen, work with a
tight-knit group of people and remain calm in all situations.

There are many benefits aside from financial when it comes to working in upstream oil
and gas. Employees get to travel, can work almost any place on the globe, and are
awarded liberal amounts of on-shore leave time. Jobs in the UK upstream oil and gas
industry is also a secure job prospect for the future.